It´s an honor to have you visiting 27DW´s website.
I hope you will enjoy this place and that you will be inspired
in the midst of prints, cards and jewelry!

Before continuing, I just want to give you some
words of encouragement and hope…
Do You know that are unique, that you are loved and totally amazing,
that you are beautiful and special,  that you matter,
you are chosen and you have a purpose!

Take those words with you, carry them in your heart, or around your neck,
frame them on your wall and feed your mind with them,
because these are truths about you!

Have a nice day and once again, Welcome to 27DW!

Diana | 27DW

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I love to create, it´s something i´m born with,
something that lives inside of me,
it´s a gift to steward. Someone said:

“I´m created, so I create”

I would really love my products
to encourage other people with all kinds of hope:

To Dream | Be free | Feel safe | Have peace

A jewelry to wear is a beautiful reminder, for you or your friend, every day.

A print with a word of truth is a good thing to put on your wall,
something to focus on when you need it the most.
Cards to send to someone who need a reminder, words of comfort,
joy and hope are a really good idea, right?!

Let us all be a light for someone today – This is a really good day,
a perfect day to bring hope to someone else!



“For me, 27DW represents products with a soul & heart.
Which make the articles to perfect gifts for all of life´s important days.”

/ Sofia Thörewik – Journalist, fashion and interior stylist – A Mash Up


“Diana Nylén has designed prints with words
that affect borth the eye and the heart.
She has the gift to create simple words convey a lot of
encouragement and challenge
Print that adorn the walls while the also mean something to me,
every day as the eye sees them. The ratioale is very neat to combine together.
I like the width between graphic text and motifs.
Diana creates a tension in her pictrues with little secrets, quote and lyrics.

/ Elin Ginal – Grafitgrå Industri


“27DW has changed our home, beautiful and important prints, gives life to our walls.

Words and prictures that affect, encourage and inspire. I don´t want to be without them.”

/Sara Nelander – Close Friend

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